Composite 2-Axis Masculinity/Femininity Test

"Masculinity/femininity" is conventionally defined along the lines of "having traits associated with being male/female". However, I think this definition is flawed, because because there's much more nuance to what people normally think of as masculine/feminine than just sex differences. For instance, women are more likely than men to be feminists; does that make feminism a particularly feminine viewpoint? I think this contradicts common sense, and instead I have constructed this test with the aim of matching common-sense masculinity/femininity, by taking items from a variety of tests that correlate particularly with the commonsense notion of masculinity/femininity. Some items for this test have been borrowed from the OpenPsychometrics Open Sex Role Inventory, as well as from the International Personality Item Pool. The art for the test is by Asha Britt.

Response data storage

I would like to anonymously store your response to the test, both in order to support further calibration of the test scoring, and to support more general research into personality. This is fully optional, and you can take the test and get your scores without having it stored. However, consenting does come with the perk that you can get a link that makes it easy to share and store your scores. If you share the resulting link with your friends, they can also contribute by anonymously and privately rating how accurate they think your scores are, which will be used for future research to validate the test.

Research questions

Since you have consented to storing your response to the survey to assist research and calibration, it would be further helpful if you could answer a few extra questions about yourself, so that this information can be included in the research.


What is your gender?


How old are you?

Expected masculinity

To help calibrate the test to give the best results for future users, how masculine do you think you are, on a scale where the average man is "masculine"?

Expected femininity

To help calibrate the test to give the best results for future users, how feminine do you think you are, on a scale where the average woman is "feminine"?

Friends gender ratio

What genders do your friends tend to be?

Sexual orientation

What genders do you tend to be sexually attracted to?


Are you transgender and/or nonbinary?

Gender satisfaction

Regardless of whether you identify as transgender or not, how satisfied are you with your biological sex of rearing/assigned sex at birth?

Political orientation

Would you say that your overall political views are more socially liberal (e.g. believing in feminism and pro-LGBT policies) or more socially conservative (e.g. believing in religion and traditional family values)?


How nerdy would you say you are?


Are you autistic?

How well would you say that the following statements describe you?

I want to be respected as a competent and reliable person

I take charge

I accept people for who they are

I like stories about individuals in conflict with society

I like to support people in my life by making them snacks for their activities

I am playful

I believe each person has a purpose in life

I am ambitious when it comes to my career

I am very sensitive and easily hurt

I like monster trucks

I am gentle with people

I sympathize with other's feelings

I would find it exciting for my partner to do something special and romantic for me

I think horoscopes are fun

I would be interested in working as a machinist

I have a natural talent for influencing people

I find taking care of children to be extremely fulfilling

I tend to be practically minded

I can be a showoff

I take notice of the outfits of people in my life

I like to compete and do everything I can to win

I care about the emotional impact of what I say

I am willing to get into a physical fight if necessary

I am not afraid of providing criticism

I don't understand people who get emotional

I make offensive jokes

I decorate my things (e.g. stickers on laptop)

I do weight-lifting

I like soft colors

I usually have clear, explainable reasons for my decisions

I am interested in fashion

I have thought about dying my hair

I find it difficult to read and understand maps

I like cute things

Do you have any comments you would like to add for research before you submit your answers?