Composite 2-Axis Masculinity/Femininity Test

"Masculinity/femininity" is conventionally defined along the lines of "having traits associated with being male/female". However, I think this definition is flawed, because because there's much more nuance to what people normally think of as masculine/feminine than just sex differences. For instance, women are more likely than men to be feminists; does that make feminism a particularly feminine viewpoint? I think this contradicts common sense, and instead I have constructed this test with the aim of matching common-sense masculinity/femininity, by taking items from a variety of tests that correlate particularly with the commonsense notion of masculinity/femininity. Some items for this test have been borrowed from the OpenPsychometrics Open Sex Role Inventory, as well as from the International Personality Item Pool. The art for the test is by Asha Britt.

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