D&D Alignment Test

The Dungeons&Dragons Alignment system classifies people's morality according to two axes: Good-Evil and Chaotic-Lawful. Good people are altruistic and respect life and other people, while evil people are antagonistic and at best care about themselves. Chaotic people value freedom and novelty, while lawful people value order, authority and honor. These are taken to be the core of people's values, and they lead to a classification according to 9 categories, based on where one lands in the system.

Response data storage

I would like to anonymously store your response to the test, both in order to support further calibration of the test scoring, and to support more general research into personality. This is fully optional, and you can take the test and get your scores without having it stored. However, consenting does come with the perk that you can get a link that makes it easy to share and store your scores. If you share the resulting link with your friends, they can also contribute by anonymously and privately rating how accurate they think your scores are, which will be used for future research to validate the test.

Research questions

Since you have consented to storing your response to the survey to assist research and calibration, it would be further helpful if you could answer a few extra questions about yourself, so that this information can be included in the research.


What is your gender?


How old are you?

Expected Chaotic v. Lawful Alignment

To help calibrate the test to give the best results for future users, what do you think your chaotic/lawful alignment is?

Expected Evil v. Good Alignment

To help calibrate the test to give the best results for future users, what do you think your evil/good alignment is?

How well would you say that the following statements describe you?

I take advantage of others

I keep things tidy

I am often told by others that I understand them

I see beauty in things that others might not notice

I prefer to stick with things that I know

I might sometimes seem eccentric

I tend to dislike soft-hearted people

I do not easily share my feelings with others

I believe in the importance of art

I might actually enjoy being caught in an earthquake or tornado

I am passionate about causes

I come up with something new

I feel little concern for others

I have no sympathy for criminals

I do not like art

I create problems for others

I believe in an eye for an eye

I follow orders

I make enemies

I take an interest in other people's lives

I have little sympathy for the unemployed

I am not really interested in others

I prefer variety to routine

I am able to come up with new and different ideas

I take no time for others

I suspect that people like to talk to me because my ideas are unusual

I prefer talking to people about their daily activities rather than their feelings

I tend to dislike impulsive people

I am interested in people

I feel other people's joy

I am devoted to religion

I sympathize with others' feelings

I obstruct others' plans

I believe in one true religion

I resist society's rules

I oppose authority

I enjoy hearing new ideas

I express my affection physically

I am good at understanding others' feelings

I avoid philosophical discussions

I go out of my way for others

I like to be viewed as proper and conventional

I enjoy wild flights of fantasy

I am an extremely grateful person

I can see special connections between seemingly unrelated objects or events

I believe that I am better than others

I believe that laws should be strictly enforced

I know how to get around the rules

I am considered to be kind of eccentric

I would never cheat on my taxes

I seldom experience sudden intuitive insights

I am an extremely loyal person

I put people under pressure

I rarely notice my emotional reactions

I do improper things

I make people feel welcome

I respect authority

I would never be described as arrogant

I purchase only practical things

I do unexpected things

I ensure that rules are observed

I amuse my friends

I am easy to satisfy

Do you have any comments you would like to add for research before you submit your answers?